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morning widening scandal in the closing david petraeus president obama expected to make as first comment on the matter this afternoon. >> and expanding gambling in maryland. the maryland live casino about to announce plans a week after voters approved the controversial measure on the state ballot. >> and the soccer star was in court for all of the wrong reasons. >> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington." on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> 5:00 a.m. on wednesday
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november 14. i am steve c i am cynné simpson. >> good morning. a chilly start for all of us, especially compared to yesterday's. it was 65 degrees. most but dealing with the freezing mark this morning or colder. a chilly start, but it will be a good day. sunny skies all a round. show last into the weekend. 36 of reagan national. with the exception of annapolis on the day at 42. 32 at dulles. 30 in gaithersburg. 36 and fredericksburg. temperatures may stay in the 40's with clear conditions which a top out around 50 in the district. your seven-day in a minute but let us get a check on traffic. >> thank you. a traffic moving pretty well.
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395 and from springfield into the district. as a matter with your alexandria and arlington across the bridge, no early incidents. we look pretty good all the way up through 95 in the main lanes. and the express lanes. a problem in prince william county, an accident and earlier this hour closing the southbound prince william parkway at wellington road. the other direction is open. watch for the southbound closure. and over to springfield up to springfield, it looks pretty good. traffic on your left good and the hov lanes good. back to you. >> thank you. we will begin with the scandal involving david petraeus. president obama expected to make his first comments on the scandal, destroying an afternoon news conference at the white house. >> this comes as conference demands the full investigation. brianne carter with the latest.
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>> the president expected to make an address or around 1:a 30 this afternoon. but will be the first time we will hear him address this issue. here on capitol hill, members of the cia and fbi expected to be here to tell lawmakers exactly what they knew and when. >> eating and drinking at her mother's home, a first look at paula broadwell who had allegedly an affair with david petraeus. we are hearing from another woman. and a 911 call obtain from abc news. jill kelley session the diplomatic protection because she was honorary council to south korea, an unofficial position according to the state department. >> i have and volatility. so they should not be able to cross my property. i do not know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well. but that's against the law.
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>> ventura thousands of e-mails. describe as flirtatious between jill kelley and john allen. missed all of this alan's will promotion has been put on hold. across the president thinks very high of general john allen and things very height of the job he has done in afghanistan. >> now john allen denies any wrongdoing. leon panetta says the people should not come to any conclusions that there was any misconduct or any wrongdoing. meanwhile, we understand at the confirmation on capitol hill for his possible successor if he is promoted will go ahead on thursday. reporting live, brianne carter abc 7 news. >> thank you. is 5:04. let us turn to the. >> showdown. president obama meeting with business leaders today to discuss the economy as well as the deficit. the democrats and on orthodox ideas for dealing with the
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cliff. they are proposing to let the government go over it temporarily in order to give the party more bargaining leverage for changes later on. if the deal is not reached by december 31, massive tax hikes and program cuts will kick in and could spark another recession. today we will find out if minority leader nancy pelosi will continue or actual step down. she isthe democrats failed to gain the seats they needed to get the majority. it is 5:05 appear to want to get to jummy olabanji. >> with a wave of bombings across the rock had killed 12 people and dozens more have been wounded in the first attack -- in iraq. and another bomb went off as police were gathered in that area. and even more car bombs went off
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in the baghdad area. no immediate claim of responsibility. though these types of suicide bombings are a favorite of al qaida . >> thank you the trial of the bowie state university student charged with killing her roommate resumes. alexis simpson accused with killing dominique frazier to death. one testified a friend fought alex some senseimpson. >> is 5:06. 37 degrees. >> still ahead, caught on tape and baltimore, a fight between a bus driver and a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [
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lexical side and australia where many watched this total eclipse. the next total solar eclipse will not have until march 2015. >> that is beautiful. jacqui jeras was showing as pictures of the northern lights which are especially active. >> yes. i have been at reading out retweets. i do have a cool images from
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nasa and the observatory of the flares. we have had 3 in the last 24 hours. you can see what is called a prominence on the left-hand side in the middle part of your screen. that is where some of that came off. and this a closer deal. several different images of that big flare. isn't that cool? i am a space geek. on =. 32 at dulles. 27 and frederick. 40's in northern virginia. mostly sunny skies and cool. my whether analogy is -- looks great, feels cold. >> good morning. 270, at 109.
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not moving too slowly. as you enter montgomery county from frederick county, a continuing down the beltway on the inner and outer loop. we are ok. we will head to a map where we still of the closure of southbound or eastbound prince william parkway at wellington road. police brought in the southbound or eastbound route. everything is open. not too bad on the 95 from dale city all the way up to springfield and onto 395 and the 14th street bridge. all of the overnight roadwork has been picked up so everything there on the inner and outer loop, everything moving smoothly. >> again be a while before d.c. washington post reports of a panel of administrative law judges ruled a contract to install the smart meters was improperly handled.
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the panel ordered the city to cancel the contract and now they will accept new -- the d.c. council-- >> it is 5:12. >> a cheerleading stunt goes very wrong. this was between the magic and the ne honey, don't use your sleeve.
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>> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> of baltimore bus driver suspended after a fight with a high-school passenger. the whole thing caught on tape. they said the fight began after the employee told the girl that she was playing music too loudly. but the personal shot the video said the girl never threatened the driver. the driver threatened until they complete an investigation. the man who accused elmo's puppeteer has taken a back his story. you said they had a relationship as adults. and that it was consensual. kevin clash says he is related
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to the allegation has been put to rest. >> efforts after the hurricane asante's cause s -- willahurricane sandy will cause a job. correct this is courtesy of our new free alarm clock and abc 7 iphone app. >> this is what it sounds like. that is one of the many great things you can get. comes along with a personalized abc 7 alarm tone. from some of your someanchors. the best part -- it is free. you might as well go to the act store and check it out. go to to download it as well.
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>> as soon as it goes off, you have your whether headlines. >> the first thing i check on in the morning is what is going on on my found. >> i love that i can be there with my kids every morning this way. >> there you go. >> all right. the best part of the weather, it will be sunny. the bad news, it is on the chilly side. to start out this morning. take a look at our roof cam rep. you can see the washington monument the lincoln memorial. as all good. clear skies, the roadways are dry, and my guest today. the strong cold front well off shore. you can see that clearly here. and high pressure is building in. that is keeping us on the clear side. and keeping us cool. 36 at reagan national.
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30 in manassas. 36 and quantico. 27 in frederick. temperatures right now are 11 degrees cooler than they were this time yesterday. that is a big drop. you will feel that difference. it is the roll up and down the east coast. some people wrecking of with temperatures 25 degrees colder than yesterday. as of the cold front moves out and high pressure builds in a. it is going to be a big blocking feature the next couple of days it will keep our wind flow and from the north and northeast. that will have the canadian buffalo, the characters will stay below average, but which will block out any disturbances like this one. and bring it off the coast of the carolinas. so our forecast today, mostly sunny and cool. our high between 45 and 50. clear and cold. 27 to 35. we will stay in the 50's. our warmest on saturday.
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and the potential for a coastal storm, and thinking it is produced by offshore. at a minimum i think we will get plenty of sun. steve, good morning. >> good morning. here we are on the beltway at colesville road, on a nice dry roads. and from college park to silver spring, good so far. we will head over to a map right now, we will see springfield right now are we have traffic moving very smoothly up from dale city to springfield. route 1 in fairfax county some road maintenance, blocking the left lane, scheduled to be there until around 10:00 a.m. this morning. we did have the accident and prince william county on the prince william parkway closing southbound at wellington road still there because of the accident south battle eastbound
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on prince william county wellington road. back to you. >> in today's tech bites, and new video was outdated the moment it went on sale. >> the reason, david petraeus. paula ferris explains. >> in today's tech bites governments are doinggoogling about the users. the made the most requests and google complied all the time dearborn's and nobles has made a 7 inch tablets. ii-- barnes and nobles. >> i watched videos on at your watch movies on it. because now nook video allows you to rent movies or by movies and television shows. >> and a new video game got burned black ops the current
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sex scandal makes a future cabinet post unlikely. m paula ferris. >>
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>> looked at this scary moment. this during tuesday night's orlando magic game. remember the nba team to lead a squad of fell and bankhead. she waved to the crowd and she was taken from their ran on a stretcher to the hospital. we are told she was breathing on her own and able to mover her limbs. >> and tim brant has more on sports. >> the washington nationals is taking the two top awards and national league. monday night it was bryce harper. and then davey johnson.
5:25 am
and the first playoff appearance. davey johnson will turn 70 in january. but that will be his last, so he says it is world series or bust. >> if we did not win the division i thought i would get fired. and if i won this award i thought i would get fired. [laughter] hopefully i can live through getting us award and manage the nationals in 2013. it is going to be my last year anyway. [laughter] >> davey johnson manager of the year. >> thank you. speaking of sports, there's an effort to give it the united states bobsled team little boost. >> here is an update from jummy olabanji. >> we like to think of this as a cross between a cool runnings and the pimp my ride. they are working on a new two men bobsled to bring it to the
5:26 am
games and sochi russia. this has been in the works for about one year, a prototype of already been delivered and the west team thinks it could be a major boost for their medal hopes. the women won in 2002, but the two men gold medal has not been won by the americans since 1936. this is a big deal. they are hoping to win a. they are hoping bmw can help. there are specific rules on how you can build them. but bmw believes there bobsled could be the winner that could help the united states team win the gold which they have not done in the two men and more than 50 years. we are looking forward to this which will be in park city utah and in two years with could see
5:27 am
this for the olympic team and russia. back to you. >> thank you. it is 5:27. call outside. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead, maryland voters approved gambling in the state. john gonzalez live
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>> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> lawmakers expected to speak about what the fbi and cia know about the david petraeus scandal. president obama expected to make his fresh comments on the matter. good morning, washington. it is wednesday november 14. i am cynné simpson.
5:31 am
>> i am steve chenevy. let us go to jacqui jeras. >> i need the gloves back out after a mild start yesterday our cold front came through and we are starting out with a very chilly morning. most of us around or just below the freezing mark. and is going to look great. lots of sunshine expected. and a dry and cool spell can be expected ahead. that will last until the first half of the weekend. our temperatures this morning 36 degrees. win is out of the north northwest at 8 miles per hour. expecting a sunny skies and temperatures in the '40's. we should top out around 50 in the district. let us check on traffic. >> thank you. we will start with 270 volume buil 109. nothing is blocked. we are ok. we will head over to look at the beltway near branch ave.
5:32 am
traffic is moving pretty smoothly near -- we have a report of a vehicle fire at woodyard road, branch ave. and southbound eastbound prince william parkway. you are being directed away from it. northbound westbound everything open. >> thank you. is 5:32. your following breaking news from prince george's county. >> jummy olabanji has the details. >> good morning. we are following news of a fatal shooting is just happening in maryland and prince george's county, not far from the d.c. line. you can see were this is happening now in the 3800 block of 37th street. we heard the reports just before 5:00 a.m. we have a crew on the stand that has been able to confirm with
5:33 am
detectives on the scene that this is a fatal shooting. we have no information right now but the victim or any suspects are in custody or who police could be looking for. we are looking to get more information from the scene. we will hopefully have an update later on in this newscast. back to you. >> thank you. we will start the half hour with the search for answers and to the scandal involving david petraeus. the fbi and cia extended to brief lawmakers later today. >> and president obama expected to make his first comment on the scandal. let us check in with brianne carter. live in the capital with more of your >> both of the agency is expected to be on the hill later today. four days, lawmakers asking why they have not known more about this. about now two top military officials and evolving david petraeus and john allen. and john allen taking the spotlight and much of this. they have been looking at
5:34 am
thousands of e-mails. now paula broadwell was seen for the first time last night inside her brother's d.c. home eating and drinking beer last night david petraeus said he would step down from his post. in the meantime john allen remains in his position, but his possible promotion has been put on hold. john allen denies any wrongdoing. and many people said you should not jump to any conclusions about the possibility of that being guilty of any misconduct. this investigation is still unfolding. the fbi and cia expected during the later today. president obama expected to speak about all of this around 1:30 this afternoon. reporting live, brianne carter abc 7 news. >> thank you. we will continue to follow that. a little more than one week ago maryland voters took a gamble on a controversial measure on a
5:35 am
state ballot. was questioned seven comment to expand gambling throughout the state. maryland live casino will add new games and create new jobs as well. john gonzalez outside the casino to explain where this new job opportunities are coming from. >> still ahead even though question 7 passed last week by a slight margin, the issue of expanding gambling in maryland may still end up in the courts. they developed casino live in maryland, they have been against question 7 arguing that it is on a fair to build a major competitor so close by and prince george's county. it is bittersweet for the casino because now it will add table games. officials will be unveiling those plans which include 125 table games, 24 hour gaming and the addition of 1200 new jobs. not only will there be a press conference here the casino here
5:36 am
later today, but a job fair from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. in the meantime a lawsuit already filed by anne arundal county officials against the construction of the $800 million mgm casino at national harbor. the argument -- bill requires a majority of all registered voters and not just of those that showed up to vote. that theory has already been shot down once by the attorney general. reporting live, john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> still ahead here on good morning washington, stick around to learn how you can with thousands of dollars in free groceries. >> speaking of money, because the club showdown continues on capitol hill and it could harm maddy, come on. we g a new book! yay! come get into bed. this is a story about jingle the husky pup. and jingle was a good dog. ruff! ruff! jingle
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>> i am reminding to give generously. thank you and good morning, washington. >> 5:39. and i have seen the kettles out there already. thanksgiving one week away. how about that your are strong cold front has a feeling like mid to late november. you can see and offshore.
5:40 am
that is keeping it kind of chili. 36 degrees at reagan national. plenty of temperatures around the chillyfreezing mark. 25 degrees and sterling. that is a cold start. it will look great. mostly sunny. our high in the upper 40's, around 50 in the district. most of us in the upper 40's. cool weather will continue. first let us check on traffic with steve. >> we will start with 395 at duke street. moving well. in virginia, we want to tell you about a problem on route 1 in the hybla valley, water main break on the left side of the roadway, it looks like that may be with us throughout the rush hour stated the right if you are heading up that way, that could be there at least until 10:00 a.m. we will head over to 270 at 109.
5:41 am
slow as you approach the exit for 109. almost a parking he lot here a couple minutes ago. the usual volume. and up to the 14th street bridge, moving pretty well from dale city. with volume across the ocoquan. >> thank you. 5:41. there's a contest we have got. a chance to win thousands of dollars in free groceries. >> definitely comes in handy. watch good morning washington for our daily klum. want to get that close, entered by logging onto acebook and you will be entered to win a $500 a flight at guard. one winner each day. -- a $500 gift card. one winner each day. and we will give away one of $5,000 gift card one day before
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thanksgiving. >> $5,000, that will last to like one year. >> 36 degrees. >> dramatic video from mississippi where a small plane crashed into a house. find oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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>> imagine getting parking tickets for something you did not do. for vehicles that you did not own. and imagine that someone else out there has the same license plate number that you do. this little nightmare is exactly what happened to one maryland man. see what happens when someone on your side gets a hold of this one tonight at 5:00 p.m. >> it is 5:45. coming up, the unbelievable video showing by a judge is forcing this woman to stand on the street holding a sign saying i am an idiot. >> and the history behind a
5:46 am
building that is now, to wait sandwich shop. >> we are right to talk with olympic gold medal winning a gymnast about where you can catch other gold medal winners and action. she was the all-around gold champion. she will join us at 6:00 a.m. >> looking forward to that. >> teenagers charged and recent murders in the area. he allegedly shot and killed a cabdriver in d.c. and he is a link to a shooting in a waldorf last month. robbery was the motive for the killing a police say. but they do not know what led to the waldorf shooting. investigators surging for the gunman behind a troubleshooting and northeast. dacey two man and woman were shot at a gas station convenience store. the suspect drove away in a vehicle and was found blocks
5:47 am
away from the crime scene. all expected to survive. and in washington, this about the postal clip. a mix of tax increases and spending cuts that could take effect next year. >> some democrats have proposed letting the government go over the cliff temporarily to give their party more bargaining leverage down the road. more now from mark. >> we want an agreement. >> republicans and democrats of 48 days to come up with the agreement and avoid having the nation go over the fiscal cliff. today president obama will meet with top american ceos to get their thoughts. on tuesday, labor leaders went to the white house to talk about the fiscal cliff. >> we are committed to preserving the tax breaks for the middle class. and making sure that's rich people pay their fair share. >> if things do not change, scott will expire for middle
5:48 am
income americans in january. the tax policy center says they face a tax increase of $3,500. >> thinking this refund may not be a possibility for those who do use that money at the end of the year to take your big expenses, that would be top. >> democrats want higher taxes on the wealthy, and to keep tax breaks for the middle class. a new poll shows many americans think lawmakers are too far apart. they think congress will not reach a deal. i am martha reporitng. >> paul ryan speaking about the results of the election. he says he was optimistic until the end. court's we thought we had a very good chance of winning. the polling and the data and all of the smart people who watch this stuff, they had a pretty optimistic view on the night. and so going into boston that day, we felt like we had a good
5:49 am
chance of winning. as you can imagine, it was a shock when we did not. >> he says president obama won a fair and square pieces the president deserves praise for a fantastic ground game. >> not checking news around the nation, three book killed when a small plane heading to a safety conference crashed right into this mississippi homes. officials in the single engine plant had just taken off when it started having problems and it crashed. all three victims were on the plan, authorities a resident was able to escape with just minor injuries. at this point, no word on what exactly brought down the plane veered across a texas woman prisoner to life in prison after being convicted in connection with a deadly fire at her home in daycare. a jury convicted jessica of a felony murder in the death of one of the four children who died in that fire back in february 2011. three other children seriously hurt. prosecutors say she left the children alone with hot oil on the stove while she went shopping.
5:50 am
>> army prosecutor to recommend a death penalty for staff sgt. is accused of killing 16 afghan villagers and a rampage. after testimony and a preliminary hearing, prosecutors say he committed heinous and despicable crime. the defense lawyer argued that is not enough information to move forward with the court- martialed your request illinois congressman no longer being treated at the clinic. they said the chicago democrat returned in september for a follow-up evaluation for bipolar disorder. jackson has been on medical leave since june was reelected last week but is facing growing pressure to tell his constituents what is killing on. >> and a colorless diamond. a record amount paid. nearly $21.5 million. well over the expected $15 million that was paid for -- was paid for it almost 20 years ago.
5:51 am
more than 76 karat diamond, it came up from mines in india. the buyer will donate the diamond for display in a museum. >> expect some action of the united states airways terminal at reagan national. >> and one of the largest chains in the country going to dump trump. the morning, linda. >> good morning. we are talking about macy's. they are under pressure to dump the donald trump brand. this after the billionaire real estate developer continuously attacked president obama during and after the election campaign. and on repetition on signon.or askingg sees to dump him. and many people and support so far. macy's support person says they do not represent any political
5:52 am
position of. and numbers of united states airways flight attendants union planned to march on information ticket lines, including reagan national today. the union is speakingis seeking a better offer from management. and if you pay up front and mail and the rebate to get refunded for the fund. and not to sign up for a new two two-year contract on a classic plan. this is only for friday and saturday. they are trying to keep the lead as apple is lagging behind. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters, i am linda bell. back to you. >> thank you. jacqui jeras is back with us now to take a look at our forecast. >> it is called. my hands are cold. got to have the gloves back. at least it looks nice. the sunrise almost an hour away.
5:53 am
that strong cold front that came through here and dropped our temperatures -- in the front well offshore and now. bringing the clearing skies and the cooler temperatures. the tartar right now is at 36 degrees. hour winds are coming out of the northwest. is the northerly follow that brings in the cooler canadian air and keeps our temperatures down. but we have in most places, dealing with the freezing mark or below at reagan national. frederick, 29. 32 and clarksburg. chevy chase at 34. 34 in arlington. our temperatures on average about 10 degrees colder than they were this time yesterday morning. you can complain a little bit. but misery loves company. and we have that up and down the eastern seaboard. cold front way out here now. the cooler air building in.
5:54 am
this will block everything out the next couple days and continue to bring in the northerly flow. while there is a disturbance to the southeast, that will state tour south and east and not impact our weather. looking for a nice bright cooldry cool air. 27 to 35 tonight. we should get into the middle fifties by the weekend. and a potential postal system early next week -- everything indicating now this will stay further offshore them originally thought. that is great news. silly chance of rain in the forecast. we think it will probably be a few clouds. good news there. and let us get a check on the roadways. >> not too bad. will start with a look at a map. a problem on prince george's county on southbound 295 the
5:55 am
road work blocking up to two alliance in the district. it will be slow as you head down kenilworth avenue into the district. the work zone --to and the springfield interchange. very slow from newington. and onto 395 duke st. thomas seminary rd., we have a water main break. the left lane is black and could stay blocked. we want to watch out for that. this morning and throughout the rush hour as well. >>. >> still to come, tuesday was supposed to be their wedding day, instead hope solo faced [ harry
5:56 am
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>> coming up on "katie," they talk about the dangers of common prescription drugs, especially painkillers. learn which drugs which may be putting and you your family at risk. it's an episode you don't want to miss. >> it appears nfl star running back gordon peterson managed to tackle his -- adrian peterson managed to tackle his way out of trouble. >> charges for resisting arrest will be officially dismissed today. peterson was arrest back in july at a nightclub in houston, texas, for allegedly pushing an off-duty police officer and refusing to put his hands behind his head when asked.
5:59 am
on tuesday peterson spoke before a grand jury in houston, and the jury returned a no bill meaning the case will be dismissed. >> not the way any couple wants to spend what's supposed to be their wedding day. that's hope solo and her fiancee, former nfl players jerramy stevens. he faced the judge thursday in a domestic violence case. it was a fight between eight people during a party at a home in washington stated. however, police say the witness' stories didn't add up, so he was released after a judge ruled there was not enough evidence to hold him. >> there was no evidence to indicate she had been assaulted, and certainly no evidence she was assaulted by mr. stevens, and the judge agreed. >> the case is still under investigation. charges could be brought later if prosecutors find other evidence. according to court documents, stevens told authorities he and solo argue beside if they would live in florida or washington after t

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